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Feature blocks are comprised of a title, a block of content, and an accompanying icon or image. They are very useful when describing your services or outlining the details of a topic, and you can customize their appearance and layout just about any way you want to.

[feature title=”Feature Title” icon=”flag”]Content[/feature]


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Feature Attributes

Specifies the title of the featured block.
The name of the icon to be used. It should correspond to the name in the Font Awesome cheatsheet, minus the ‘icon-‘ prefix.
Specifies an image URL to be used instead of an icon.
Defines the background color for the icon. Must be specified in hexadecimal format (#123456).
Defines a secondary color for the background of the icon. If the background attribute is also set, the result will be a vertical gradient tone. Must be specified in hexadecimal format (#123456).
Defines the color of the icon. Must be specified in hexadecimal format (#123456).
Defines the appearance of the feature. Can be normal, horizontal, vertical, boxed.


LThe coordinates for the map. You can obtain them from an address using a service such as LatLong.






Separator Attributes

Specifies a small footnote for the separator.
Sets an icon located at the center of the separator. Must be any icon from the Font Awesome library, minus the fa- prefix.
Controls the appearance of the separator. Can be normal, dashed, dotted, thick, narrow.
Determines the color of the separator icon.
Adds a small link text pointing to the top of the page.



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